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   Company profile
  The company, founded in 1980, is one of the early professional factories with vehicle starting lead-acid batteries as the leading products. With the deepening of China's reform and opening up policy, Shandong Ruiyu Battery Co., Ltd was founded after joint-stock reform in 2001.
  Over the years, we have been insisted on meeting the needs of the society as our duty, and have always been in pursuit of the high grade taste, high performance and high quality of the products. Inspired under the quality policy of "scientific management, quality-oriented, customer satisfaction, social services, continuous improvement and development, full participation, striving for famous brand", we conduct uninterruptedly technical innovation, technical development and other technical improvement activities, continuous self-improvement and development, and become a large modern enterprise in the domestic battery industry.
  All employees after 20 years strenuous hard work have accumulated rich practical experience from the battery design and development to manufacturing. Through a number of technical renovations and technical improvement, the battery charge performance, cycle life and other aspects have the reliability surpassed much other manufacturers, make our products have the strong competitive advantages in the current and future market.
  The company has accelerated the pace of corporate restructuring in recent years, while increasing the investment on automobile starting lead-acid batteries. In addition, company has also constructed lead industry company and plastic injection molding company. Together with our original polar plate company and assembling company, a modern industrial enterprise system is formed. Main products include dry-charged lead-acid battery plates, maintenance-free lead-acid battery plates, valve-regulated lead acid battery plates, total three series, about 45 types of lead-acid battery products. Except having a modern, reliable, large-scale battery manufacturing capacity, the company also has the ability to produce, inspect and analyze electrolytic lead, lead-based elements, such as aluminum, calcium and tin alloy.
  As insisting on long-standing scientific modern enterprise management system, the company passed ISO9001: 2000 international quality system certification in 2001 in one time and ISO14001: 2004 international environmental management system certification in 2006, got American ANSI RAB and British UKAS international certifications which are featured with rigorous assessment standard and high international credibility. The products passed the certification of CQC China Quality Certification Center, won "High-Tech Enterprise Certificate", “Gold Prize of Enterprise Management Modernization Innovation Achievement", "Provincial Enterprise Technical Center in Shandong", " Provincial Quality Management Award in Shandong" and other national honors. “Ruiyu" battery was awarded as "Famous Trademark in Shandong Province", “Famous Brand Product in Shandong" and “National Inspection-Free Products".