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  Talented people are the basis of managing state affairs and also the foundation of setting up businesses”. Only by adhering to “people-oriented”, can an enterprise continuously push forward the technological advancements and achieve successes. Always sticking to the management philosophy of “Scientific management, All-round development, Constant innovation”, the company has introduced lots of graduates of institutions of higher learning, and also sent in a planned way the backbone professional and technical personnel to Tsinghua University, Fudan University and other well-known institutions for target training. In addition, the company offers planned post-service trainings to encourage the pursuit of new technologies, new processes, and new knowledge and to make the majority of staff get rapid and steady improvement in the overall technical quality. The company is staffed with 56 scientific researchers, engineers and technicians. Of the total, there are 6 people with senior technical titles, 18 people with intermediate technical titles, and 32 people with junior technical titles. They are appointed in the reasonable layering with appropriate division of work. In combination with over 20 years of management experience, the company sets up Technical Department and R&D department, and collects a perfect scientific research and development team, and forms stronger battery R&D strengths. In process engineering, the company can integrate with the international advanced battery technologies in a timely manner, constantly develop new products, new technologies, and new processes, so that the lead-acid batteries can be overall improved in performance, structure, quality, etc.