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Research Center


  The company continuously enlarges the input of scientific research and development funds, devotes to equipment modification and improvement of product technology, and constantly expands the scale to be in the forefront of the domestic industry. At present, Lead Industry Company possesses the lead alloy manufacturing technology in the world’s leading position. Because of the large production equipment scale, full-featured detection equipment, the main components of electrolytic leads and lead-based alloys as well as also the impurities have been effectively controlled. Therefore, the electrolytic leads and lead-based alloys the company produced have excellent performance and get rid of the adverse effects brought by excess impurity elements. Injection Molding Company is equipped with 50g〜3,000g large and medium-sized computer-controlled injection molding equipment, as well as spray finishing and rolling production lines to be able to manufacture an array of batteries and plates.Plate Company has the Shimadzu 6T lead powder machine, plate-casting production line, plate-coating production line, and non-welding formation production line produced by China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation (454th defense industry enterprise). Assembly Company is allocated with advanced automatic battery assembly lines and computer-controlled quality control lines. The company has formed a large production system from the manufacturing of electrolytic leads, lead-based alloys, battery tanks, separators and plates to battery assembly. Relying on the advanced and mature technological crafts and the improved, scientific and systematic quality management system, it conducts fine operations in each procedure and makes strict checks to ensure products reliable and stable. Particularly the company offers unparalleled advantages than other manufacturers in dry-charged performance, cycle life, loss performance, appearance, etc.. Due to advanced technical skills, equipment capacity and advanced product testing system, the improvement of product performance and the steady advancement of enterprise modernization are guaranteed.