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 Quality assurance

  Product quality is the life of the enterprise, is the hope of society, is Rui Yu company to continue the development of basic security. Pursuit of high quality products is Rui Yu every employee eternal theme.
  From product design and development to product manufacturing According to the comprehensive international ISO9001: 2000 quality management system throughout the entire process, all staff in the "excellence, strict control" of the quality control faith, relying on our advanced equipment capabilities, and the United States Baird FHQ Atomic absorption vacuum direct reading spectrometer, represented by a full set of analysis, laboratory equipment and advanced microcomputer-controlled online battery production testing line, strictly control the battery production process in every aspect of our production of battery products of high quality with Exact reliability.
  In order to always maintain the connotation of product technology and high-quality products, for the production of each required materials, must be adopted by the international quality system certification of suppliers to provide and through the company's rigorous testing process, control of the fine materials Performance, fundamentally guaranteed the performance of our battery product quality, so that our "Ruiyu" brand battery products in the fierce competition in the market stand out.