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Polar Plate Company

The polar plate company has 286 employees now, is equipped with 8 plate casting production lines made by No. 454 military factory, 4 sets of 500Kg paste mixers, 2 paste spreading production lines, 4 "Shimadzu style" 6t lead powder machines, 20 no-welding forming lines, and composed of the cast plate workshop, milling workshop, plate coating workshop, curing workshop and forming workshop. The main products are automotive starting dry-charged general plates, dry-charged maintenance free plates and valve-regulated sealed battery plates. Due to excellent equipment performance, advanced workmanship and state-of-art technology, strict quality control, the performance of the products is stable. Especially dry-charged performance, cold starting performance, early capacity, cycle life and so on are famous in the industry. Annual production capacity has reached 500,000 sets and can meet our own production needs and market demands.

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