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Plastic Injection Molding Company

  Plastic injection molding company of Shandong Ruiyu Battery Co., Ltd was founded in 1998. There are 108 employees at present. There are 8 computer-controlled HTF200W2/J1 ~ HTF700W2/J1 plastic injection molding machines which are most advanced in our country; 5 BL100H1 ~ BLW440 plastic injection molding machines, 3 sets of YY50T lead parts die casting machines (made by Haitian Plastic Machinery Ltd.), and WD4-0.2 cryogenic tester manufactured by Shanghai Zunda Environmental Test Equipment Co., Ltd, and other complete sets of analytical instruments, laboratory equipments and so on.
  The plastic injection molding company is composed of the injection molding workshop, mold workshop, printing workshop, lead parts casting workshop. High quality PP, PVC, PE materials are mainly imported, or made by Yanshan Petrochemical and Yangzi Petrochemical. The products are designed and manufactured according to international standards, national standards, industry standards and enterprise standards, include mainly motorcycle plastic battery containers, starting conventional type (QA) series plastic battery containers, starting maintenance-free (QW) series plastic battery containers, three categories and more than 100 kinds of products.
  All employees adhere to the principle of "scientific management and quality-oriented" and control the production process in strict accordance with the procedures and standards. The products are integrated with the advanced technology from Europe, American and Japan, and combined with the characteristics of the independent innovation by the company, enrich greatly the connotation of product quality, with the result of reasonable product structure, excellent performance, low temperature impact performance to -35 ℃ / 3 hours, and unique and creative product design, attractive designs and streamline profile.
  In addition to meet our own production needs, some products are also sold to the market.