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Separator Company

  Separator Branch Company was established in June 2003. Under the assistance of China Fiberglass Research and Design Institute, we constructed two ultra-fine glass fiber composite separator production lines. The combing machine, fourdrinier machine, gluing machine, dryer mixer, on-line detector and separator slitting machine and other major equipments are the most advanced professional production equipments in China at present. The production capacity of ultra-fine glass fiber composite separator is up to 15,000 square meters, to guarantee our own needs of the battery production.
  In order to adhere to the company's brand strategy, and continue to improve the premium properties of the products, we have established complete fiber glass separator technology research and development system. Over a long and stable technology cooperative relation with the well-known research institutes in the country, we have completed a number of technical cooperation, cultivated many groups of professional and technical personnel for the special scientific research projects, engineering design, new product development and production of the company and laid a solid foundation for the company's rapid development.
  In order to ensure the good quality of the ultra-fine glass fiber composite separators, for all materials required for the production of fiberglass chopped strand mats, zero-alkali fiberglass wool, medium-alkali fiberglass wool, high-alkali fiberglass wool, must be supplied from the qualified suppliers after rigorous check, so as to get the raw materials fully meeting the requirements. The strict inspection, testing and screening processes can guarantee high standard separator quality.
  In the production process, our advanced equipment capacity and microcomputer controlled separator production line online detectors can strictly control every aspect of separator production, to guarantee fully the reliability of the separator parameters. After several tests on the battery products by the State Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, all indices are better than that in JB/T7630.1-1998 standard.