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Assembling Company

  The assembling company is composed of the assembling and casting etc. total five workshops, and is an important part of Ruiyu. The workshop is equipped with 12 medium assembling lines, 4 automatic maintenance-free sealed battery assembling lines and complete online testing equipments, which provide solid guarantee to ensure the stability and reliability of products
  In pursuit of high-grade quality of the products, we undergo a rigorous testing and screening on every assemble material. All products are made of high quality and high standard raw materials in assembling and production.
In which: Lead-calcium alloy polar plate is made of internationally leading-edge polar plate components, having excellent corrosion resistance, high hydrogen over potential and gas re-compounding ability, significantly reducing the water loss and self discharge in the electrolyte, realizing the less maintenance and free maintenance requirements.
  We adopt American ultra-high molecular polyethylene material to produce PE separators and are currently the preferred battery separator materials used in the maintenance-free battery in the international battery industry. In addition to its high production costs, the separator has the advantages of low electric resistivity, small aperture, high porosity, resistance to oxidation, anti-puncture, wear resistance and so on. As a result of the bag structure, it avoids fundamentally the short circuit of two poles due to active material falling off and greatly extend the battery service life.
  All employees follow strictly ISO9001: 2000 quality management system in operation, and make full use of all kinds of computer-controlled in-line inspection equipments, conduct double checks on each of the production processes from welding polar plates, so as to prevent the passing of non-qualified products in the production line and guarantee effectively the stability and reliability of product quality.
  The sampling results made by the State Battery Quality Supervision and Inspection Center and Shandong Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Bureau over the years indicate the performance indicators of the company's lead-acid batteries had reached the relevant requirement of the international standards, national standards and industry standards (JIS D 5301-1999, GB/T5008-1991, JB/T8451-1996, JB/T6457-1992). In particular, the dry-charged, reserve capacity, cycle life, cold starting properties etc. are excellent.