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  Leader’s speech


  Yesterday, Ruiyu had only a blue sky, ambition and enthusiasm. Over the years, the company has worked hard, overcome difficulties and suffered a lot. Today, the company ranks top in the industry. New business philosophy, excellent human resources, advanced management, together with high-technology, create Yurui brand. Good social reputation and profound corporate culture form a complete connotation of Yurui.
  Since its founding, Yurui has always been adhered to the core philosophy--- profession, reflected in two aspects: On the one hand is the expertise and skills; on the other hand is professional thinking and attitudes based on the former. On this basis, we created the management team, perfect details, rich systems, good quality and top grade service. Let all of our customers and partners understand fully: Select Ruiyu; have professional guarantee!
  Dear all my friends: Thank you for your support and love on our company for many years! We will continue new business development strategy as a guide, continue to develop a new generation of battery products, create a more brilliant achievement in the automotive industry for the 21st century.