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Marketing team

  The growing Ruiyu Company, supported by the vast number of users for more than 20 years and long-term efforts of all staff, has got substantial development. “Ruiyu” batteries are high praised by users due to its superior quality, reasonable price, and perfect sales services. The products are in short supply and the market share increases steadily year by year. Ruiyu products have been sold in more than 20 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions across the country. The network system with the provincial general agent as the leader in an appropriate layout and reasonable allocation has taken shape. And so do the marketing pattern with domestic sale as the guide and some products exporting to overseas. “Ruiyu” battery, as a “Famous Trademark”, has consolidated its good image thanks to the company's sound and stable quality management system, good and reliable product quality, unique and stylish appearance, and standardized and improved sales service system. Therefore, the battery products have a much broader market even among the increasingly-fierce market competition. Because of the irreplaceable advantages that only the dry-charged lead-acid batteries possess, the leading position in the field of lead-acid battery development, and particularly outstanding performance in idle capacity and maintenance-free feature, “Ruiyu” maintenance-free sealed lead-acid batteries are well received by consumers. With the ever-increasing demand of a large number of users on the products, the company has increased the investment in research and funds, and constantly expands the scale of production for new products of more excellent performance to fully meet the market demand.