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Rizhao Branch

  Rizhao Branch Company of Shandong Ruiyu Accumulator Co., Ltd. is new environmental friendly battery project constructed by Shandong Ruiyu Battery Co., Ltd. The project is located at Wuxi East Road of the Export Processing Zone, covers an area of 68 mu and the production plant of 17,800 square meters. The total investment is 50 million Yuan. Mainly based on the domestic market and developing also the international market, the company produces and assemblies the vehicle starting batteries, maintenance-free starting batteries, ship starting and lighting batteries, the middle and small sealed batteries used in electric bicycle and electric tricycle, more than 90 kinds of battery products in several major series.    
  The project is equipped with tooling and equipments advanced in the world, adopts reliable production technology, and featured with high production efficiency and significant profit. The project requires more than 600 employees, including 80 management people. After the production is normal, the annual production capacity will 600,000 KVAH and the output value is over 100 million Yuan. The gross profit is 30 million Yuan, and more than 22 million Yuan in profits and taxes. The project will create comprehensive social and economic benefits to Rizhao.